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I will not settle

for bits and pieces of you.

I want all of you.


   ~   Haiku on Deficit | connotativewords [ jl ] (via ohfairies)

(via ohfairies)

 135332 30th March 2014


Ola Billgren (Swedish, 1940-2001), Nattlig växt III [Nocturnal plant III], 1991. Oil on canvas, 162 x 162 cm.

 16936 26th March 2014
 105867 25th March 2014

Backstage at Luisa Beccaria S/S 2014
 14122 17th March 2014

"Women are supposed to be the ones on the balcony, not the ones down below professing their love. We don’t think the female romantic is romantic. We think she is a predator. We think she is desperate, unstable—Fatal Attraction, the cougar, the spinster, the troublemaker. But deep emotion in this age is a radical act."

   ~   Masha Tupitsyn in this incredible Bitch interview on Love Dog (via anjanana)

(via thesoulselects)

 14187 15th March 2014
 5929 13th March 2014